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Football Bowling Portable 4ft x 4ft | Party Dreams Rental Inc.
Fowling Rental Portable 34inch x 30inch
Fowling Rental Portable 34inch x 30inch


Multi Day & Long Term Rentals Available

Setup Area: 55x5



Football Bowling / Fowling

  We have two styles of potable Fowling / Football Bowling sets. The set you recieve for rental will be subject to availablility. 

(1 Day $50.00) ( 2 Days $75.00) ( 5 Days $100.00)


Long term rentals available
 Tax and delivery not included




Board dimensions: 34" x 30"


Portable Fowling™ game setThe game boards pin together and fit the ball, pins, and pump with convenient latches


Knock down all 10 of your opponents bowling pins before they knock your pins downWin instantly if you knock the center red pin off of the board on any player's first throw of the game


20 weighted composite pinsTwo Fowling game boardsOne footballOne air pump


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